Manufacturer of Bearing Rings for Ball Bearings, Manufacturer of Roller Bearing Rings, Manufacturer of CRB Rings, Manufacturer of Bushes, Manufacturer of Spacers, Manufacturer of Sleeves and small shafts, Manufacturer of Inserts, Manufacturer of Cast Iron Hubs, Manufacturer of machined components for Bearing and Automobile Industry Jaipur,Rajasthan,India
+ Highly Proficient Team Members
+ Testing of Each and Every Product
+ Timely Deliveries
+ Competitive Pricing
+ Customers Satisfaction
  Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Facility
CNC Lathes  Turning  15
CNC with Robotics  Turning  3
AUto Lathes M/c  Turning  20
Cam and Manual Lathe M/c  Turning  25
Hydraulic Power Press  Bore Coining  5
Duplex Soft Grinding M/c  Face Grinding  1
Centre-less Grinding M/c  OD Grinding  1
Forgoing Plant (With Rolling)  Forging  2 Lines
Manufacturing Races From Bar Route
Manufacturing Races From Tube Route
Manufacturing Races From Forged Ring Route
Manufacturing Special Type HUB Bearing
Manufacturing Cylindrical Roller Bearing Race
Manufacturing of Taper Roller Bearing Races from Bar, Tube & Forging Route
Forging Unit for forged Rings
Commonly Processed Sizes
From 6000 to 6007
From 6200 to 6207
From 6301 to 6305
Special Sizes Races
Wheel Hub Bearing Races
Taper Bearing Races (50 to 150 O.D)
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