Manufacturer of Bearing Rings for Ball Bearings, Manufacturer of Roller Bearing Rings, Manufacturer of CRB Rings, Manufacturer of Bushes, Manufacturer of Spacers, Manufacturer of Sleeves and small shafts, Manufacturer of Inserts, Manufacturer of Cast Iron Hubs, Manufacturer of machined components for Bearing and Automobile Industry Jaipur,Rajasthan,India
+ Highly Proficient Team Members
+ Testing of Each and Every Product
+ Timely Deliveries
+ Competitive Pricing
+ Customers Satisfaction
  Masurment Analysis & Improvement
Monitoring and measuring activities are used throughout the organization to ensure that we achieve product conformity, customer satisfaction and are able to improve the quality management system, products and services. Where appropriate we employ statistical techniques and other methodologies, which enable us to gather and analyze data and information for these purposes.
  Monitoring and Measurement
Customer Satisfaction
Customer perception is regarded as one of the most important aspects of our business. As such, we measure the degree of customer satisfaction by reviewing feedback and the use of such methodologies as questionnaires. Whenever complaints are received from customers they are recorded , analyzed and enacted upon. A summary and analysis of customer complaints is presented for review at the management review meetings.
Internal Audit
Internal audits are planned and performed to ensure that the quality management system continues to conform, that we are working in compliance with the system, that it has been fully implemented and that it is effective in assisting us with our quality objectives. People who are suitably trained and who do not perform the activity to be audited perform audits in accordance with a documented procedure. Audits are scheduled to ensure that the whole of the system is addressed at least twice annually and take accounts of the importance of each activity and its status with regard to previous audit results.
Monitoring and Measurement of Processes
Suitable methods and criteria for monitoring of processes have been established. The processes are monitored on daily basis to ensure that the processes are capable of achieving product requirements and planned results. Wherever the problems are encountered corrections and /or corrective actions are taken to achieve product for control purposes.
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